Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park is an indoor and outdoor leisure center and aquarium offering a wide range of displays and exhibits. The Sakana-no-kuni, or World of Fish, aquarium is home to a multitude of sea life, including 3m-long sharks. In the outdoor Kawauso-no-mori, or Otter Forest, you can observe how delightful small-clawed otters and other rare creatures live. In the ‘Fantasium’ Indoor Ocean Theater, enjoy an exciting dolphin and sea lion musical performance enhanced by the best lighting and sound, from the comfort of your seat, whatever the weather.



Around 450 species, a total of 6000 creatures from the adjacent Sagami Bay are on display.

Round Tank

Sharks up to 3m in length swim freely in this doughnut shaped tank giving visitors a 360° view.

Kawauso-no-mori (Otter Forest)

The display area, a simulated forest, is home to otters and other rare animals.

Penguin-jima (Penguin Island)

Observe carefree frolicking penguins in their outdoor enclosure.


Ocean Theater "Fantasium"

Sit in a comfortable seat in this indoor theater and enjoy a dolphin and sea lion performance, whatever the weather.

Penguin feeding time

Watch the delightfully cute penguins ask for their food!

Fish performance

This show highlights the keen sensibilities that fish possess.

Fish feeding guide

Feeding in the Round Tank is used to explain fish ecology.


May be subject to change or cancellation

A wide range of interactive events take place at Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, such as petting the ever-popular dolphins, sea lions and otters, and feeding the fish behind the scenes at the aquarium. There is a charge for these events and they must be booked in advance. For details please visit our Japanese language website.

Feed and pet the otters!

Give a fish to an otter and gently shake hands with it.

Feed the Fish!

Go behind the Round Tank and have a go at feeding the approximately 2,000 fish from about 50 species!


In good weather, the view from the park over Sagami Bay and Mount Fuji is spectacular. We hope you enjoy this most Japanese of landscapes.


The Log Terrace restaurant in the park offers an extensive menu, including Kaisen Don (a bowl of rice topped with sashimi raw fish) made with local specialty Misaki tuna.

Entrance fees

Category Prices Remarks
Adult 1,800 yen Aged 16 and above
Child (aged 13-15) 1,300 yen
Child (aged 6-12) 900 yen
Infant 500 yen Age 3 and older (entrance free for children up to 2 years old)
Pet 500 yen Certain documents must be submitted if you wish to bring pets into the park. (Please visit our Japanese language website for details).

※The following credit cards may be used for paying entrance fees.

※There is no ATM in the park or in the immediate vicinity.

Parking charges (including tax)

Vehicle type Period Price Remarks
Car Per day 1,000 yen Prices may vary in the summer.
Motor bike Per day 200 yen

※Please contact us if you are planning to come to the park in a coach.

Opening hours

Period Opening hours
Throughout the year 9:00-17:00

※Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time.

※The park is closed for 4 days after the 2nd Monday in January.

※Opening hours may vary in winter, in busy periods and during the end of year holidays.
 Please visit our Japanese language website for up-to-date information.

Bringing pets into the park

Pets may be brought into the Marine Park.
Please check the rules detailed on our Japanese language website.


Fish performance
(approx. 10 minutes)




Feeding guide of fish
(approx. 10 minutes)




Performance by Dolphin & Sea lion
(approx. 35 minutes)




Sea lion feeding time
(approx. 5 minutes)


Penguin feeding time
(approx. 5 minutes)



Otter feeding time
(approx. 5 minutes)


※The timetable may vary for consecutive holidays and the end of year holiday period. Please visit our Japanese language website for up-to-date information.



Misakiguchi Station→approx. 15min bus ride (bus bound for Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park)
※Depending on schedules and time of day, buses may only go as far as the ‘Aburatsubo’ bus stop.


*Depending on changes to exhibitions, this map may not be up to date.


Can I borrow a wheelchair or baby stroller? *Not available on certain days

Yes, they can be borrowed free of charge from the ticket office. Please note that only a limited number are available.

Should I bring an umbrella?

In some areas, yes. You may want an umbrella in the outdoor facilities (Ashika-jima (Sea Lion Island), Penguin-jima (Penguin Island), Kawauso-no-mori (Otter Forest), etc.), and when moving between indoor facilities (Miura-sizenkan (Nature Pavilion), the restaurant, etc.). You will not need an umbrella in the indoor facilities (the ‘Fantasium’ performance venue, the Sakana-no-kuni (World of Fish) aquarium, etc.).

Can I pay with a credit card?

Entrance fees only can be paid with the following credit cards. These cannot be used in the restaurant or in shops in the park.

Is there a nursing room? Is there hot water service for making baby milk?

Yes, there is a nursing room in the park. Regular kettle-heated water can be provided in the office. Please inquire at the ticket office if you wish to use this service.